We take a look at each of Tory Lanez best mixtapes he has put out over the past few years.  He has many more mixtapes, but we cover the best ones that define his new genre of Swavey.

6Conflicts Of My Soul

Enter Mr. Peterson: On one of his breakout tapes, Tory brings a ferocious style to show what he is all about.  The young Toronto rapper dropped this mixtape about 2 years ago.  Tory has recently been gaining his fame through his newer tapes, but this one goes back to the origins.  He almost brings a Chris Brown style over his newer beats (that were newer at the time of course).  What we mean is that Tory was just finding himself in his genre that he defines as “Swavey”.  His beats were just starting to form in this tape and you can tell where the origins come from as the start of his foundation to become what is today known as “Swavey”.  We think its his mix of an R&B and Rap flow to accommodate his singing voice and his flow switch to being a rapper.  Take a look at his classic tape below:

5Chixtape 2

Okay, okay, let’s take a break from all this “Swavey” nonsense because it may be confusing.  Enter Tory Lanez the singer.  After he found his flow switch, you can clearly see his love for singing.  He raps, but not in the Chixtape series.  Its straight Jeremih flow with a better voice.  Tory’s sick voice is perfect with these R&B beats that seem like they were meant for his soft voice.  Tory’s trap lyrics are what makes the irony nothing short of great in correlation to the flow that is shown on Chixtape 2.  Chixtape 2 is definitely a classic and if you don’t already have it, make sure you cop or take a listen below to see exactly what we mean:

4Chixtape 3

Still here with the great voice: Tory Lanez continues the Chixtape series to bring another classic.  However, Tory brings a new singing flow on this one with straight R&B hits that accompany his singing flow.  The softer flow on this tape that was dropped along with The New Toronto shows how Tory wants to have that flow switch when needed.  No two songs are even close to the same on this tape.  Songs like S*M*N* are great examples on where Tory is at in the R&B hit world.  There are a ton of goodies on this mixtape and you can tell the hard work that was put into the producing as well as the lyrical side of things to make this tape what it is.  Check out exactly what we mean below:

3The New Toronto

On Christmas Day, Tory Lanez blessed the fans with not one but TWO mixtapes.  The New Toronto and Chixtape 3 became two of Tory’s classics that would go down in the books.  So why would he drop both mixtapes on the same day.  Heres why: His flow switch is shown from one tape to another.  He brings a harder flow on The New Toronto than Chixtape 3.  However,  even with the two flows in different directions, you can still tell Tory is keeping everything he put down on these tapes still in the genre of Swavey.  The “Say It” artist wants people to get attached to this new genre because he expands from radio hits all the way to an underground beat flow.  Check The New Toronto here:


2Cruel Intentions


5 songs packed in on this young Tory mixtape but WOW.  You will end up adding every song to all of your playlists.  Tory shows a flow switch all within the 5 songs put on this album.  From songs like his hit “In For It” to a song like “Honda Civic”, he shows how he can go from a hard beat to a soft beat with a singing flow in the matter of a few minutes.  Cruel Intentions is hands down his breakout EP that defines who Tory Lanez is as an artist.  His crazy ways on the EP is why Tory Lanez wanted to be in this game in the first place.  He saw his opportunity with singing and translated it to a rap flow.  Here’s a quick listen, so check out the EP below:


1Lost Cause


Tory has arrived as an artist on Lost Cause.  We know on Cruel Intentions you would add every song to your playlist,  well the case is the same on Lost Cause.  You’ll start out by being in love with “Godfather” then you’ll slowly transition into clinging on to Tory’s new flow.  This tape defines what makes Tory great as an artist.  He has finally found his flow in this tape and has officially formed the genre Swavey.  “Mama Told Me” shows how he wants to be a rapper and has a place in the Hip Hop genre.  Songs like “The Mission”, “Gold”, and “Selfish York University” show Tory’s place in R&B but more importantly defines Swavey.  “Priceless” shows his great producing that shows his professionalism to keep his fans engaged.  We start to see more of Play Picasso’s doing in Tory’s work that show what they both define as Swavey.   Lost Cause is hands down Tory’s best project, so check the tape below: