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With a debut album and 15 mixtapes under his belt, Tory Lanez has changed into an elite emcee bringing fresh new ways and styles to the hip-hop game. Tory’s mix of hip-hop, reggae, R&B, jazz, and rap all blends into his own genre he calls “Swavey.” Following up to his 2016 debut LP I Told You, Tory Lanez returns on New Years day with 2 mixtapes for the fans. One of which being the fourth edition to his Chixtape series. In these series of tapes we get a feel of Tory R&B lady killer side.

In the Chixtape series, Tory uses old samples and re-works them as his own with his go-to producer Play Picasso. In terms of quality this is a huge step up from last years Chixtape 3, and beats it’s brother mixtape The New Toronto 2. This jaw dropping soulful tape combines Tory’s R&B style for a fun mixtape filled with 2000’s pop sample infested tracks.

Grabbing Pretty Ricky’s 2005 track “Grind On Me” for the first track after the Intro comes his soul vibing track “Slow Grind” featuring his tour mate Jacquees. Using the same chord and progression as the old tune, Tory and Quee utilize a catchy hook and R&B late-night style. Crooning the message of seducing their women in bed Lanez & Quee deliver soft verses for a strong track.

Moving further down the list we come across “Need A Girl” grabbing P. Diddy’s 2002 track “I Need A Girl” featuring Mario Winans, Ginuwine, and Loon. This up-beat track follows the same scheme as Diddy’s track. Lanez preaches the importance of having a special women in his life and shows just how much he will do for the lady in his life.

Sampling Chingy’s 2003 track “One Call Away” Tory goes over another guitar riff melody for his fourth track “1 Call.” Using the original hook from Chingy’s track, Tory & Play Picasso spin their own rendition of the beat for another smooth late-nighter jam.

Following a classic Tory mixtape skit “Ni**a Skit Pt. 2” follows “Just A Friend.” Most hip-hop heads can grab this sample off the top of their head, Mario’s 2002 mainstream hit “Just A Friend.” Bringing out the auto tune, Lanez serenades his lady friend to hopefully get out of the friend zone over a pop beat melody.

Coming up next is one of the strongest tracks collaborating with Nyce, “Whats Luv.” The beautiful track samples Fat Joe & Ashanti’s 2001 track “What Luv’s?” Earning the award for the most catchiest hook on the tape, Lanez uses the original chorus again adding his own spin to the beat. Lanez delivers an up-beat party verse with help from Nyce on the beat.

Stepping out of his sample-comfort-zone, Tory grabs the theme song to Disney’s 2001 cartoon “The Proud Family” (Destiny’s Child & Solange) for a rendition to his track “Proud Family.” Opening up with the theme song in full effect, Play Picasso and Tory mix and match the beat for a killer soul soother. Tory brings out his up-most serenading voice for this slow rhythm beat.

Continuing with the R&B soul tracks, Lanez utilizes another early 2000’s track taking R. Kelly’s 2002 track “Ignition.” The Tory flip of this beat is truly incredible. The flow and scheme of this track is similar to the original beat, yet changes the dynamic of the Kelly’s voice in the background. After the intro we quickly jump into the famous “Bounce, bounce, bounce” beat through the first and second verse. Finishing off the track adds the rest of Kelly’s verse in the remix track.

Tackling Bobby V’s 2005 record “Slow Down” Tory again adds his own rendition for his re-word of “Slow Down.” This is the most unique track on the tape. Only using the heavily chopped sample as the beat, Tory has his own hook as well as some killer soft verses. Again, singing to his late-night lady Tory croons about bringing back to their old love when they first started seeing each other.

Using another Ginuwine cheer, Tory uses his 2001 record “Differences.” This track takes the crown for the most soulful track with the softest beat. Tory shows his talent in the Soul game taking the tone from soft R&B to Soul. Re-verbing the track he raps about his differences he has with his girlfriend and how to overcome them with love.

Lastly on the tape we come across his track “Aaliyah” a sample track dedicated to Aaliyah’s 2000 track “I Don’t Wanna.” This catchy up-beat song doesn’t do too much to the original track but mix up some of vocals to a higher pitch and slaps that on the track as the background melody. Over a guitar strum and classic drum beat, Lanez stresses his lady not to leave and follows the same theme as Aaliyah’s track.

Slow Grind (feat. Jacquees)
Need A Girl
1 Call
Just A Friend
Whats Luv (feat. Nyce)
Proud Family
Slow Down
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