Tory has finally revealed the Memories Don’t Die release date.

If his sophomore album hasn’t been hyped up enough, we’ve been talking about it since last June when it was rumored for a release. Unfortunately, their wasn’t any hope for a release last year, but now we’ve finally got an official date for the release.

Tory’s sophomore album will drop March 2nd, making it less than 2 months away. Tory has dropped single after single, making it mainstream with a plethora of content. Tracks like “I Sip”, “Shooters”, and “Real Thing” have constantly been in rotation up to this point.

His success on a mainstream level came quite sporadic, and his come up proves itself through a loyal fanbase and a ton of feature cosigns. We can expect a true story album, which will be in line with his debut album I Told You. Get ready for his new album dropping in March, and check his pre-release hype video along with the album release announcement below.


🎈🎈MEMORIES DONT DIE – 3/2 …. 39 DAYS LEFT .. πŸŽ₯: @midjordan

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