Tory Lanez Drops Trippy New Visual For “Real Addresses”


Tory Lanez, the fastest growing artist just dropped a trippy visual on his Real Addresses Video.

The Argy Fargo, AKA Tory Lanez is slowly but surely showing us where exactly he stands in hip hop in his Real Addresses video. Rated as on of the best performances at SXSW, Tory brings this new energetic attitude that is yet to be seen in hip hop. Well not to this extent anyways. This Tory Lanez Real Addresses music video falls nothing short of trippy.

If you’ve never seen one of Tory’s performances, you really can’t say what this man is about. From pumping the crowd up, to crowd surfing to the back of the performance, to sitting on an unauthorized ledge in a venue, Tory introduces this fierce style of rap and R&B. In his Real Addresses video, Tory is shown at his real performances where he puts all of these aspects into play.

Tory Lanez is growing very rapidly as an artist after his hit single “Say It” and now dropping another radio hit “L.A. Confidential.” His new style of “Swavey” shows us exactly where “Easy Fargo” stands as an artist. His debut album is coming in the summer, which will shut down this cross genre rap for the next year. Stay tuned with us to find out more on his upcoming projects, and peep the Real Addresses music video above.