Video Of Tory Lanez and Travis Scott Altercation Surfaces


The Tory Lanez Travis Scott fight video has leaked.

There’s no question when it comes to Tory’s raw talent and success he’s seen, especially fresh off the release of his sophomore album Memories Don’t Die. His track “Hate To Say” has been under fire after VI Seconds claimed Tory ripped off his sound in one of his tracks, leading to a diss song titled “Fargo” dropped on him.

In the track, Tory uses his lyrical flair to describe burning bridges between not only Drake but also Travis Scott. This was newly found information, as the quarrel between the two remained silent for some time. Tory says in “Hate To Say”: “Me and Travis Scott almost fought at the Mala Luna, we both agreed shortly after that it was music we could be possibly doin’ that bigger than tryna ruin it, so my apologies, nigga, just forgive me for doin’ it.”

WorldStarHipHop took to Instagram earlier today to expose the actual altercation that happened, where things almost got physical between the two. The fight reportedly stems from a Tweet that Tory put out talking about how he’s written for Travis in the past. Lanez and Travis can be seen getting into a pretty heated scuffle that almost turned physical after T Lanez told both his and Travis’s team to get off the bus so they could actually fight. According to his track “Hate To Say”, the beef seems to be over after the two agreed that they could be simply making music together rather than beefing. Check out the altercation below.


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