Check “Story Never Told” from Tragedy Khadafi and BP.

Fresh off the release of their first joint single “Upper Echelon” which surfaced a few weeks back, the MC-producer duo instinctively hit back with another one. It’s a perfect summer bash, but Trag’s lyricism tells the tale of his 30 year long beef with DJ Marley Marl.

Tragedy Khadafi, who used to go by his stage name Percy Tragedy, had gotten back from a trip to the West Coast where he found something unorthodox. Marl had formed Lords Of The Underground as his own idea without Trag. He was also the only guest feature not included on the cover art for Marl’s ’88 release of In Control.

Despite the ongoing feud, Tragedy doesn’t seemed phased. He states the incident boosted his confidence and gave him a drive to do more after his own mentor had taken his idea. This is the second single off BP and Tragedy Khadafi’s Immortal Titans album, which is set to drop August 17th. Peep their newest single above, and keep your eyes peeled for their full joint project.

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tragedy khadafi story never told
Tragedy Khadafi & BP – Immortal Titans

01. Earth Distributors
02. Immortal Titans
03. F#@% How They Feel (feat. Nature)
04. Upper Echelon
05. Prime Time
06. Mastermind (feat. Apathy & DJ Stitches)
07. 4 Her
08. Renoir Repertoire (feat. SmooVth, Rosewood & Hus Kingpin)
09. Talk to ‘Em
10. Story Never Told
11. The World Is Mine (feat. Ali Vegas)
12. Slow Motion
13. The Great Escape
14. Steady Rising
*Vinyl format only includes tracks 1-11