Travis Scott‘s breakout hit Antidote is now 2x platinum.

We can’t forget about Travis Scott’s 2015 year as it was probably the biggest year of his life. Right before the release of his debut album Rodeo, Travis put out a single that would prove to change his career.

Antidote came out on July 28th of 2015, and instantly caught on with the younger generation. Pretty soon, Antidote went platinum. But today, Travis’s breakout hit is now RIAA 2x Certified Platinum.

Via the RIAA site, the certification was put in place on Dec. 12th, but has gone public today.

travis scott antidote

Welp, this marks yet another milestone in Travis Scott’s career. Travis released BITTSM in 2016, and now we await his next project(s) for 2017. Stay tuned, and congrats Travis on the certification!

Featured Image Via Instagram