Travis Scott Releases Short Film “LA FLAME” [WATCH]


Watch Travis Scott’s short film LA FLAME above.

In direct relation to his newest album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, Travis Scott drops a short film for the fans. LA FLAME features some pretty awesome behind the scenes in studio sessions, fan interaction, and concert scenes.

The short film brings out Travis Scott’s real creativity as a producer, but keeps his newly found talent of rapping. LA FLAME is a great example of the inspiration that Travis is setting on the young generation. The GOOD Music artist shows his true colors on the short film with some pretty cool fan interaction.

We also get some pretty cool concert reels which shows just how lit this man’s concerts get. Lucky for us, the 18 minute long video is composed of everything related to his newest album. If you liked Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, this video is a must watch. Until we await for what Travis Scott has in store for us next, watch his short film LA FLAME above.