Donald Trump bashed Hillary Clinton for Jay-Z’s profanity at her concert.

Hillary Clinton hosted a concert for her campaign in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday.  The concert featured artists like Jay Z, J. Cole, Chance The Rapper, Beyonce, and Big Sean.  You would think that it’s ironic that Trump is commenting on foul language.  Trump had an incident a couple weeks ago where he was caught saying rude thing about women.

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Trump said that he “has never said what Jay Z has said in his life.”  Trump also said that Jay Z had “used every word in the books.”  Jay Z did use words like the N-word and F-word but he did censor himself occasionally.  When Hillary was asked about her opinion on Jay Z’s language she sai, “What Jay Z says it’s up to Jay Z.”  Rea more on the concert here.

Image via Flickr