Check out the new tour dates from the Flower Boy & The Big Fish

The Odd Future gang is known for the big talent it’s birthed a few years ago including Tyler, The Creator & Vince Staples. Both dropping big projects this year, the two old homies are jointing togther to open up 2018 with a brand new tour.

Tyler’s critically acclaimed Scum F*ck Flower Boy, and Vince’s huge Big Fish Theory were huge highlight projects dropped in 2017. Now collabing together, the duo delivers a 23-stop tour that begins at the first of the year.

Starting in January in Vancouver, Canada, the crew will snake all throughout the North America ending out in March in Millwaukee.

Tyler is just finishing up his album tour “Flower Boy Tour,” while this tour will serve as a follow up to Vince’s early 2017 tour “The Life Aquatic Tour,” with Kilo Kish. check out the tour dates below.



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