Vic Mensa Believes Donald Trump’s election can spark a  real fight for justice.

Following up Donald Trump’s presidential election, Vic Mensa had some inspiring words for Billboard. Vic considers the implications of the victory will not end his fight. “My fight doesn’t end here no matter the outcome,” he writes, also adding Hillary’s victory would only continue the impression that all is right.

“Until we can regroup and re-identify the real issues in our society,” he says, “which I think Bernie Sanders started to get people focused on — we’re gonna have all of this pointless fighting in this country that’s not taking us anywhere positive.”

He says, “This was not a safe place for us to begin with,” explaining how the hatred and bigotry existed far before the election of Trump.

Vic says, “We’ve been talking to a lot of people that’s been agreeing with us, but we’re seeing now that that’s not the state of America,” he says. “The state of America is a lot more volatile than The New York Times or The Huffington Post and New York City, L.A. and Chicago.”

In his closing paragraph Vic explains that in order for change, hopefully Trump’s election will inspire the movement to grow even bigger. “We need to unify and decide what it is that we really believe in — that’s what we need to fight for. We can’t just fight against injustice. We gotta fight for justice.”