As a kid Vince Staples never fantasized about that big house with a nice car, a typical Hip-Hop icon would have.

Instead the Long Beach rapper explains his dream in the latest cover for The FADER. “At 14 years old, the problem was, ‘Man we really have to kill these niggas.’ Not what real Hip Hop was and who was Top 5.”

“Niggas from my neighborhood are dying and getting 15-to-life, and people use music as a distraction. I didn’t feel connected to hip-hop growing up. I never wanted a chain or a mansion. I just wanted niggas to stop dying.”

Instead of flaunting Hip-Hop, Staples chooses to influence others through his music with his life experiences and stories. In Prima Donna the 6 track EP will continue the dark, eire, tone of Summertime ’06 while telling the same story of Staples past life.

Vince’s mentor NO I.D. has some words on Vibes knowledge and spirit at such a young age. “His tastes are different, more diverse. He blends storytelling with the street perspective. He definitely has the potential and ability to become one of the greatest of his generation,” he says.

Stay tuned for Prima Donna EP soon and read the entire FADER cover.