Oh yes, Vince Staples has finally responded to the video, and his response is quite shocking.

So a few days ago we got a hilarious video of a mom going on a rant about Vince Staples’ Norf Norf. In the video, the mom gets quite distraught and was in awe of the lyrics.

She proceeds to read the lyrics of the song, and yes, someone did put her vocals over the original Norf Norf beat. She thought the singer’s name was “Summertime ’06” which is actually Vince’s debut album, and was pronouncing “Norf” as “Nerf”. Of course, the reddit memes have already started:

Vince Staples Nerf

But the thing is, Vince’s response to the video is very unexpected. Vince actually shows remorse for the woman, and understands her opinion. He also says, however, that she is clearly mentally ill. Although she doesn’t understand the context and is quite confused, Vince understands that aspect. He also says that hip hop lyrics MAY actually BE a problem to our youth, if taken the wrong way. Peep all the tweets in order below, and stay tuned to hear more if the story unfolds.

Featured Image By Tse Daniel for The Come Up Show [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons