[WATCH] Kanye West Fan Attempts To Climb Onto Stage


Watch this fan’s attempt to climb Kanye West‘s stage on the Saint Pablo Tour.

Yikes! What a better way to greet your idol himself, by trying to climb onto his floating stage… Well maybe that wasn’t this fan’s brightest idea. With a simple hand gesture, the (most likely) drunken fan got back down into the crowd. The real concern is just how he even got a hold of the stage.

We can only hope this doesn’t happen again at any other concerts. Maybe the Saint Pablo Tour staff should hold some extra security, or make the floating stage a little higher. While on tour, I think this took Kanye by quite some shock as you can see his reaction in the video.

The artist handled it very well, but he still seemed a bit worried as the fan tried to hop on with him. Until we get some new content from Pablo, watch as a Kanye West fan climbs on stage above.