Mf Doom Westside gunn gorilla monsoon

Check Out The New Track By Westside Gunn & MF DOOM

Westside Gunn and MF DOOM are here. They are rapping under the monicker WESTSIDEDOOM. Today, they give us a new track titled “Gorilla Monsoon.”

Recently, MF DOOM departed ways with Adult Swim. DOOM and Adult Swim collaborated to release tracks from DOOM titled the “Missing Notebook Rhymes.” There was supposed to be 15 new tracks from DOOM, instead we only got 7.

As for this track, we get a hard hitting, gritty beat. Westside and DOOM bring in some serious lyrical exercise. DOOM’s delivery is a little slower than his usual flow, but this only highlights is deep bars. It is a dope listen.

Check out the track below and see what you think. Stay tuned for any updates.