Taylor Gang has gained a new member.

Lil Uzi Vert has definitely been one of 2016 top breakout artists, dropping 3 mixtapes and a plethora of new singles making headlines everywhere. Yesterday the game just got a whole lot sweeter. Yesterday at holiday concert in Philadelphia, Lil Uzi was performing “Pull Up,” when he brought out Wiz Khalifa on stage to perform the track, but that’s not all. After the track ended, Khalifa proceeded to pull a Taylor Gang chain from his pocket and put it around Uzi’s neck while announcing to the crowd Uzi is now the newest member of the T.G.O.D. Mafia.

There weren’t any clear videos of the live announcement but Twitter went crazy the next day, as Khalifa responded to some tweets with the confirmation (peep below). Uzi did sign to Atlantic Records in October which is where Taylor Gang’s distribution deal is with so it makes sense he wanted to join.

Image Via Twitter