Wiz Khalifa – Washingtons By Your Side [STREAM]


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Wiz Khalifa drops a new single titled “Washingtons By Your Side.”

Wiz Khalifa just released a new single off of The Hamilton Mixtape.  This new single is called Washingtons By Your Side.  The Hamilton Mixtape is an album containing various artists of the Hip-Hop, R&B, and more genres.

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The Hamilton Mixtape is set to release tomorrow, December 2nd.  You can listen to some of the mixtape right now but all of it will be out tomorrow.  Only seven of the ten songs are available to stream at the time of this post.  Right now, Wiz and Usher are the only ones with solo singles out on this mixtape.  Many more will be released tomorrow, but in the meantime, stream Wiz’s new single above.