Wiz Khalifa Drops New Track – “More and More”


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Wiz Khalifa has released a new song “More and More” produced by ID Labs, Jay Card, and Dru Tang. This track tackles a subject khalifa is no stranger to, marijuana.

In this track we hear Wiz on a laid back beat, wishing he could get high legally. This track is definitely a mellowed down track, and is something one would listen to when they want to relax.

Wiz has proven time and time again that he is very versatile. He can release records that are club-bangers such as “We Dem Boyz,” and “King Of Everything,” or he can slow it down for a track like this.

The interesting part of the song, is the cover-art. Wiz takes the place of Steph Curry during the 2016 NBA Finals, where it appears he is looking at the model Roni Rose.

Check out this stoners anthem and see what you think, and stay tuned for updates for new Wiz Khalifa music.