Yasiin Bey, formally known as Mos Def, has come through with another piece of music “Dec 99th Local Time.” He released this, along with other music through “A Country Called Earth” Soundcloud account. This is following Kanye’s post on his website of a message from Yasiin where he retired from making music, so fans are thrilled he is still getting into the studio.

Yasiin is still currently in South Africa, as he is facing legal troubles. This is due to him trying to use a false passport to leave the country earlier this year.

This record is nothing different then what we are used to seeing from Yasiin. There should be no expectations of him putting out another record such asĀ Black On Both Sides, as that is a closed chapter in Yasiin’s life. Currently, when he does put out music, it is heavily jazzed influenced, soulful, and usually covers social or political issues within countries.

Yasiin Bey is an amazing poet, and a legend to hip-hop, its great to see a juggernaut of the game still taking a love for music. Check out some of his recent music and see what you think.

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