YNW Melly May Have Revealed That He’s Getting Out Of Jail Friday

ynw melly jail release

Is YNW Melly going to be a free man this week?

Fans seem to think so. In a new cryptic message posted to his Instagram, YNW Melly’s team could have very well posted the date of his freedom. After being faced with the death penalty for a double murder, Melly’s legal team have recently stated that they believe there’s a very good chance he would be coming home soon.

On his Instagram, all of his photos were deleted to pave way for one photo: a black background with simple text that reads “3/13”, which is this Friday’s date. Now, this could signal something else, such as a project, but fans and other fellow artists are speculating that it could just be his release from jail. Peep the Instagram photo below and make your own judgments. Check out our interview with Melly here. #FreeMelly?