Young Thug Being Sued for $360,000 After Not Showing Up to Concert

young thug sued

Young Thug Is Being Sued For Not Showing To His Own Concert

Young Thug just got hit with a lawsuit for 360k. The lawsuit is coming from a New York event organizer who cancelled a concert that Young Thug was scheduled to headline. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Thug had signed a $55,000 contract to perform at Sahlens Stadium in Rochester, New York as part of Roc Summer Explosion.

There is no clear reason as to why Young Thug failed to perform. This isn’t the first time Thug has failed to perform. In November, Thug was scheduled to perform at Norfolk State University in Virginia, but failed again to show.

Young Thug has yet to comment on any of the no-shows. Stay tuned for any updates on Thugger.