yung bans ridin

Yung Bans – “Ridin” feat. YBN Nahmir & Landon Cube [STREAM...

Watch the Ridin music video by Yung Bans, Landon Cube, & YBN Nahmir. Yung Bans has been making true waves in the hip hop industry,...
Yung Bans Vol. 5

Yung Bans – “Yung Bans Vol. 5” [Album Stream]

 Yung Bans is back with another installment to his mixtape series One of 2018's hottest trap artists rising this year has been Yung Bans. With...
its snowin pt 2

Yung Bans – “It’s Snowin Pt. 2” feat. Wifisfuneral [STREAM]

Stream "It's Snowin Pt. 2" by Yung Bans and Wifisfuneral above. With a growing success in his career, it seems that Yung Bans popped out...

Murda Beatz – “Fortnite” feat. Ski Mask, Yung Bans, & Lil...

 Stream "Fortnite" by Murda Beatz, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Yachty, & Yung Bans. Fortnite has certainly made an appearance in the hip hop...
yung bans volume 3

Yung Bans – “Yung Bans Vol. 3 ” [ALBUM STREAM]

Stream Yung Bans Vol. 3 by Yung Bans above. Yung Bans has made a huge name for himself in the past few months, with a...
head in the clouds

88rising – “Head in the Clouds” [ALBUM STREAM]

<span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span> Stream Head in the Clouds from 88rising. 88rising has somehow managed to bring itself to...
Yung Bans Thats A Check

Yung Bans – “Thats A Check” Feat. Gucci Black [Stream]

 Yung Bans teams up with Gucci Black for "Thats A Check" Atlanta artist Yung Bans has been popping up alot in the hip-hop community being...
let's play

Yung Bans, Lil Uzi Vert, & Tracy – “Let’s Play” [STREAM]

 Stream "Let's Play" from Yung Bans, Lil Uzi Vert, and Tracy. Yung Bans has been dropping nothing but heat, climbing the ladder on his ever...
Different Colors

Yung Bans – “Different Colors” Feat. Lil Yachty [Stream]

 Stream Yung Bans & Lil Yachty's new track "Different Colors" Yung Bans has been one of the more prominent southern emcee's breaking the scene lately....
yung bans waterslide stream

Yung Bans – “Waterslide” feat. Lil Skies [STREAM]

 Stream "Waterslide" from Yung Bans and Lil Skies. Yung Bans has had a steady 2018 as one of the hottest to come from the new...


moemaw naedon river rats

Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott – “River Rats” [ALBUM + VIDEO]

Stream River Rats from Moemaw Naedon and C.Scott. Pittsburgh natives and cohesive collaborators Moemaw Naedon...
hyde the body bag

Body Bag Ben & Rick Hyde – “Hyde the Body Bag”...

Stream Hyde the Body Bag from Body Bag Ben and Rick Hyde. When two like-minded...
moemaw daedon cult theatre

Moemaw Naedon & Calig Kontra – “Cult Theatre” [EP STREAM]

Stream Cult Theatre from Moemaw Naedon and Calig Kontra. Serving as their debut collaborative tape,...
fluent heartbreak aaron

Fluent – “Heartbreak Aaron (Vol. 2)” [EP STREAM]

Stream Heartbreak Aaron (Vol. 2) from Fluent. Keeping it real to not only himself but...