Stream “Nightmares” from Yung Pinch and Lil Skies.

Yung Pinch has been well on his way to land himself a mainstream hit, and he hopes to do the same with his new single. Following up their last collab “I Know You”, the chemistry-enticed duo is back at it.

Both artists bring a ton to offer on the track, and there’s no question why they’re making waves in terms of collaborations. They share a distinct style with a similar sound that makes way for an overall appeal.

We’re still waiting on a full studio LP from Yung Pinch, but we might have to wait as he progresses his career. Stream their newest single above on Soundcloud, or below on your stream platform of choice. Expect a music video in support soon.

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yung pinch nightmares lil skies
Yung Pinch – “Nightmares” feat. Lil Skies