Tony Montana

Yung Pinch Delivers “Tony Montana”

Yung Pinch has been having a very respectable career thus far. The young artist has been delivering new tracks at a very consistent rate. Despite him currently being on tour, he still finds time to drop off this new track. Check out his latest track “Tony Montana” above.

Yung Pinch’s style is not very versatile. However, he has found a formula that works for him, and it goes over well with fans. On this new track Pinch continues his higher-pitched auto-tuned vocals over a heavy-hitting beat. The production on this track brings an exuberant vibe to Pinch’s vocals. Fans of Yung Pinch will appreciate this new track even though it isn’t very different than his previous ones.

Yung Pinch has been coming through every Friday with a new banger. Stay with us and we will bring you every new track from the California artist. Also stay tuned for any updates.

Yung Pinch – “Tony Montana”