Zaytoven Whispers About His Career In Fuse’s Mind Massage Series [WATCH]


Watch Zaytoven’s Mind Massage episode on Fuse TV.

There’s no arguing when it comes to Zaytoven’s dominance in the rap industry the past few years, collabing with almost any big time trap artist you can name. Producers take on a different aspect of the industry, usually hiding behind the scenes.

Regardless, Zay teams up with Fuse TV for an awkward-but informative ASMR styled interview. He’s fresh off his newest studio album Trap Holizay, but talks his up coming in his career whilst leading it up to the release of his new project.

The comical lead on the video takes a turn as Zaytoven explains working with Nicki Minaj, Drake, Migos, and other big names, along with his mainstream hits that have landed him where he is today. Watch Fuse TV’s Mind Massage with Zaytoven above, and be ready for more material from the lively producer.